Weekend Announcements February 23-25th: Little Dragon's Cafe, Birdcakes and More

By Rebecca Smith, 10 months ago
The weekend has been and gone, but that doesn't mean we don't have any news for you. There were seven titles revealed over the three days: a shooter involving flying cupcakes, the latest lacrosse title, and hide and seek with witches. Do any of these capture your interest?

Assault Gunners HD Edition

Originally released in 2012 exclusively in Japan on PlayStation Vita, this mech shooter now makes its way west on PlayStation 4. It's 208X and Mars is undergoing a terraforming project that will take 300 years to complete, but back on Earth a war begins and millions look to Mars as a possible place to safely relocate. The planet is remodelled with the help of an automated robotic system known as ANTS, the climate becomes stable, and cities are built to rehouse the refugees. Military colonies are set up on nearby Deimos and Phobos, while Ceres is relocated into Mars' orbit to help create an ocean. Then ANTS rebels, communication is lost and humanity is once again at risk. Can a peace keeping force known as DAT use their three allied Battle Mechs to help quell the uprising?


The studio behind Fenix Furia has returned with their latest creation, "a randomly generated 2D shooter". When a picnic goes wrong, Pancake the Cupcake (he's actually a flying cupcake with bird wings, because why not?) is left trying to defend his girlfriend Cherry from swarms of flies, and their bosses. Armed with candy bullets, he'll need to make his way through six worlds full of flies. Death means returning all the way back to the beginning, but power ups can be purchased from the bakery store to help him in his next attempt. This title will be arriving later this year on PlayStation 4.

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 may not strike you as a big name title, but it was successful enough to warrant another instalment. Building on the last title, this year's game includes reworked controls for face-offs, shots, dodging and controlling the stick. AI has been enhanced to be able to respond to "complex 6v6 tactics" like those in real matches. Big Ant Studios has also used motion capture to improve the realism of the title, including face-offs, shooting and post-goal celebrations. You'll be able to create your own player and team like in the last title, but Lacrosse 18 also adds the ability to create stadia and logos, meaning you can recreate everything from your local team. The game arrives on March 13th on PlayStation 4.

Island Time VR

Flight School's upcoming PlayStation VR maroons players on an island with just Carl the Crab to keep them company. You'll need to craft equipment, catch food, fend off the island's less desirable creatures and survive as you wait for rescue. Well, hopefully you'll be rescued. It all depends if you can fend off the sharks and seagulls for long enough, or you could always starve to death alternatively. You'll get to see how long you survive when the title arrives on PlayStation 4 "soon".

Little Dragons Café

Yasuhiro Wada, creator of the Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons franchises, joins forces with Aksys Games and returns to PlayStation 4 with his latest creation. Under their mother's guidance, a brother and sister learn to cook and manage the family's small cafe. One morning, their mother can't be woken up from a deep sleep. According to a strange old man, the only way she can be saved is if the twins can raise a dragon. Together with the cafe's three other employees, the twins must tame a dragon, manage the cafe and save their mother. The game is currently scheduled for late summer.

The Missing

Little is known about Hidetaka Suehiro's latest title, due to be released later this year on unspecified platforms. Take a look at the video below from the game's creator as he talks about his collaboration with Arc System Works and gives very few hints as to what his next title may be about.

Witch It

Stepping away from their usual adventure titles, publisher Daedalic Entertainment has signed Barrel Roll Games' hide and seek title and will be bringing it to PlayStation 4 later this year. Players are divided into two teams; the first are witches who must hide throughout the world, and the second is the hunters that must find them. There are three game modes to enjoy. Hide & Seek tasks hunters with simply finding all of the witches to win. In Mobification, caught witches turn into hunters too. Finally, Hunt a Hag strips things back to basics and disables all special skills, meaning that players rely solely upon their melee weapons.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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