Destiny 2 Development Roadmap Updated and Features Delayed

By Rebecca Smith, 10 months ago
Back in December, Bungie promised to be far more open with players regarding updates to Destiny 2. This included providing a development roadmap with all of the major gameplay changes and additions that they're planning for the game. This roadmap has now been updated and some of the planned features have been delayed.

The next patch, v1.1.3, is due to be released on February 27th and will be bringing new Emblem variants, scoring and high score tracking for the Nightfall mode, the ability to view Fireteam members on the destination map, and challenge cards for the Prestige Nightfall, the latter being a late addition to the list. One of the things it won't include, though, are the unique weapons for the Nightfall Strike. Although they were originally intended to release with the scoring feature, these have been delayed into March so that the team can "make sure they are super cool" and "live up to the difficulty it will take to earn them".

Also delayed into March are attempts to reduce the repetition of Exotics and Companion vendor viewing, while mod system improvements have been delayed to an unknown date. Meanwhile, Exotic weapon and armour sandbox changes have slipped back once again into May. You can see all of the planned updates in the roadmap below.

February Roadmap

In better news, March's patch will feature a new rotating weekly Crucible playlist. Previously intended to include just 6v6 Iron Banner and Mayhem game modes, the playlist will now also feature Rumble. Eventually, Doubles mode will be reappearing in the game, although the window for this is uncertain. More details on these improvements are promised for next week, so we'll be sure to let you know when those appear.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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