Bandai Namco Discusses Roadmap For Patching Dragon Ball FighterZ

By Andy Mills, 10 months ago
By and large, Dragon Ball FighterZ has been well-received by fans and critics. It hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, however, with a variety of online issues affecting a sizeable amount of players. Publisher Bandai Namco has assured fans that these issues are being worked on, with this latest video detailing what to expect going forward.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Tomoko Hiroki, game producer at Bandai Namco, walks us through the plans to solve these issues. The first patch is set to be released later this month, but Bandai Namco is aware that this may not resolve everything for everyone, so there are also plans for a second patch in mid-to-late March that should hopefully help fix the vast majority of the game's online troubles.

There was also the promise of some Dragon Ball FighterZ announcements in the future, so let's all hope that the next time we're here, it's about something fresh and exciting as opposed to the rather mundane (but still important!) news that something has been fixed.

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Written by Andy Mills
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