Armored Warfare Leaves Early Access

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Armored Warfare from developer entered Early Access on February 6th. Two weeks later, the game leaves Early Access and has been fully released as a free-to-play MMO "modern tank shooter" on PlayStation 4.

The game puts players in control of a vast number of modern tanks and armored fighting vehicles, such as the German Leopard, Russian T-72 AV, or American M1Abrams. Together with friends, players can take on co-op missions from command, or they can battle across large maps in places as far flung as frozen cities and sunny islands. The game's Global Operations mode brings competitive and co-operative gameplay together where players can battle human opponents and AI that will be aggressive to all.

Despite being an MMO, players don't need a PlayStation Plus membership or a game subscription to play. Players who do have a PS+ membership will instead be able to download a free bundle from the PlayStation Store to help them out. The bundle includes a unique LAV-150 90 vehicle with a PlayStation skin, one day of Premium Time, 500K game credit, 500 gold, three days of access to exclusive vehicles, and a 20% discount on all four of the Starter Packs.

Armored Warfare is free to download and play right now.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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