SMITE's Legend of the Foxes Patch Launching for Consoles

By Kelly Packard, 10 months ago
SMITE Season 5 is here, which means it's time for a new season of Adventures. Introduced last season, Adventures were a way to play SMITE without playing traditional SMITE, and players got to try their hand at Capture the Flag, a racing mode, an RPG and more. The first Adventure of Season 5 is a horde mode called Da Ji and the Legend of the Foxes.

The whole Adventure is decked out in an anime art style that is a departure from SMITE's usual visuals. Players will fend off waves with the help of Ratatoskr as Senpai Da Ji encourages (and berates) their progress. Like Adventures of the past, rewards can be earned for playing the mode, and an accompanying bundle can be purchased with skins, extra goodies and a key to unlock a skin from the Gold Vault. Four unique Ratatoskr skins can be earned from the event, although only one is available with patch 5.2.

Senpai Bundle (900 gems while the Adventure is active, 1,000 after):

  • Senpai Da Ji Skin
  • Fox Avatar
  • Loading Screen Skin
  • Music Theme
  • 2x Fox Points
  • Gold Key
The Gold Key can be used to unlock a skin from the Gold Vault. Just like last year, a new skin will be added to the vault with every Adventure. The first two skins from which players can choose are Marvelous Maid Amaterasu and DJ Ohm Ganesha. The Senpai Da Ji and Kitsune Ratatoskr skins are also pictured below.

As the Adventures begin, the Ragnarok event, which began during Season 4, is coming to a close. The final bundle will launch with patch 5.2 and will feature the limited Ragnarok Hades skin, which can only be earned by owning all three Ragnarok bundles. The final bundle includes:

  • Oblivion Hound Cerberus
  • Oblivion Queen Discordia
  • Cutesy Cerberus Avatar
  • Skull Stamp Jump Stamp
  • Molten Key

Lastly, there are a few other odds and ends. Cerberus has had his mastery skins added. Hi-Rez has updated Hades' mastery skins at the same time as launching his Ragnarok skin. Finally, Ne Zha has a new hockey skin, which will go in the Winter Athletics chest.

There are a few balance changes and odds and ends, which can be viewed in the official patch notes. The Legend of the Foxes patch will launch for SMITE console in the morning of February 20th, Eastern U.S. time zone.

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