Rad Rodgers Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 10 months ago
We have just picked up the trophy list for Rad Rodgers, which is developed by Slipgate Studios and published by THQ Nordic.

You can find guides to unlocking these trophies as soon as we have them on the Rad Rodgers Trophies page.
14/01/18 - Screens

There are 9 trophies, 2 of which are secret (to reveal the details of the secret trophies, please use this link):

Name Description
Man of Steel Complete a level without dying
Goldshower Collect all Lion Trophies
Dr. Jones Find all Secret Areas
Secret Trophy Continue playing to unlock this trophy.
Richie Rich Collect all Gems in the game
Master of World One Complete Jungle World 100%
Hat Collector Find all Hats
Secret Trophy Continue playing to unlock this trophy.
Hardboiled Complete Jungle World 100% on Hard Mode
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