Rock Band Rivals Update Is Coming Soon

By SkydivingFalcon, 10 months ago
"Rivals" has been a valuable addition to Rock Band 4, which sees players form their own bands and complete challenges set by Harmonix. It wasn’t originally in the main release of Rock Band 4; instead, it was DLC released several months after the game’s initial release. The online aspect of the game was not much compared to Rock Band 3, in which you are able to team up with other players to perform songs together. In fact, RB4 didn’t have that online ability — until now.

Rock Band Rivals logo

Harmonix announced that the game would finally receive the multiplayer mode that should have been there to begin with. Players will be able to search for other players to play songs together, as well as join their friends, either publicly or privately. You now don’t have to be part of a "Rivals" band to compete against others online.

The update will start rolling out for all now, but of course, this update is only available for those who own the "Rivals" DLC. It’s time to get together and get the show started. The crowd is waiting.

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