Railway Empire Free Updates Will Add New Content

By Luc1d,
Kalypso Media has announced plans for a series of free updates to Railway Empire, adding new content as well as improving gameplay in response to user feedback.

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In the next couple of months, players will be able to look forward to the following additions:
  • The introduction of one huge North American map for the game’s ‘Free Mode’, covering West to East coast and also including a complete tech-tree spanning almost all of the tech innovations available in the full 100 years of the steam revolution.
  • A selection of further free updates, which will include new content, enhanced AI, bug fixes and other general improvements inspired directly by player feedback.
The first of the free updates for Railway Empire is v1.1.2, which has already been released on PC (see the patch notes for details). It is expected to roll out for consoles soon, and future updates will continue to launch on PC ahead of consoles.

We've got the full list of Railway Empire trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Luc1d
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