10 Armored Warfare PS4 Rookie Founder's Packs to Giveaway

By Dave Horobin, 1 year ago
Armored Warfare, the free-to-play Tank Action MMO, released into PS4 early access earlier this month, giving players the chance to take control of a collection of modern tanks and armored fighting vehicles across a range of PVE and PVP game modes.

Global Operations – a unique blend of PvP and PvE modes using a large-scale battlefield. Capture special zones, call airstrikes, get additional supplies, resist the enemy AI support and ensure the AI cover the back, respawn during the battle – all this comes on large scale maps for Real Tank Action!

Co-Op Missions – Team up with friends to carry out the most difficult missions sent down by command. The enemy's superior forces, controlled by artificial intelligence, will present a serious obstacle to become victorious and fulfill all special objectives in the mission.

PvP Experience – Engage in challenging, fast-paced player versus player combat. Collaborate with allies and execute clever tactics and maneuvers to emerge triumphant from the theater of war once the smoke has cleared. Armored Warfare is easy to learn, but challenging to master.
Armored Warfare

It is 2042 and the world is on the brink of ruin. Wealthy corporations control vast territories, replacing the state authority in all but name, their regulations having the power of laws and their security forces or hired mercenaries acting as private armies. You are one of those mercenaries, fighting for profit and glory in a never-ending war.
Welcome to Armored Warfare!

To celebrate Armored Warfare's launch onto the PS4, we've teamed up with the game's publisher to give away 10 Rookie Founder's Pack codes (EU Only) containing:
  • Early access to the game
  • 1.000.000 Credits
  • 1,500 Gold
  • 3 days of Premium time
  • Object 430 ICE Tier 3 Premium MBT
  • Founder’s Pack player avatar
  • Permanent decal
To enter, simply complete at least one of the actions in the Gleam app below before the competition ends on Thursday, February 22nd at 5 PM GMT.

Eight Armored Warfare PS4 Founders Packs to Giveaway

(Rules And Regulations)
- This competition is unavailable to TT Staff members
- Entry is via one or more entries using the Gleam app
- The winner(s) will be chosen at random by Gleam
- This competition is available worldwide
- Entries close on Thursday, February 22nd at 5PM UTC.
This contest is now closed.
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