Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics Gets Official Release Date

By Kelly Packard, 9 months ago
Console players have been testing a beta version of Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics, Hi-Rez Studios' strategy card game, for six months. Hi-Rez has announced they are ready to push Hand of the Gods to a full release and have also released details of what the transition into full release means for current players.

Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics

The first thing to know is that the Founder's Pack will be going away from the store since it is exclusive to the beta. The Founder's Pack will be replaced with something called the Core Set Bundle, which will automatically unlock all cards from the Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Mayan and Neutral pantheons. The great news is that Founder's Pack owners will receive the Core Set Bundle for free, and those who aren't eligible to receive it for free can purchase it if they choose. Regularly, it retails for US$19.99. The Founder's Pack will be leaving console on February 19th, so those looking to get the content — this also includes the Enyo Bellona skin for SMITE — and to receive the Core Set Bundle for free with a Founder's Pack purchase have until that date.

There are also new purchasing options coming with the full release. Once Hand of the Gods releases, instead of having to rely on card packs to unlock new cards, players will also be able to purchase full pantheon sets, which will immediately unlock all cards from a given pantheon. The packs are called Core Sets and will retail for US$7.99 each. Of course, card packs will still be available to purchase with favor, runes or through promotions and login bonuses to supplement your card collection.

Those who have already made unlocks and purchases during the beta phase will keep everything they have unlocked. In addition, any runes spent (runes are HOTG's real-money currency) will receive "bonus runes" back to their account in the equivalent of the amount purchased during beta. This means players will keep all their purchases, plus receive the bonus runes back, and purchase new content with the bonus runes in turn.

Hi-Rez has also confirmed that Hand of the Gods' trophy set will be coming with the full launch. It's likely that the trophies will mirror the Steam version's achievements, so take a peek at those to get an idea of what to expect.

More information about the official release is available in Hi-Rez's official post. Hand of the Gods officially releases on February 20th.

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