Overwatch's Year of The Dog Event and Details

By Will Cruz, 9 months ago
Chinese New Year is approaching and it seems Blizzard aims to celebrate the upcoming tie-in event for Overwatch: Origins Edition. New details surrounding the upcoming Year of the Dog seasonal event have been revealed via a brief developer update. If you’re ready for a new map, mode and seasonal items, game director Jeff Kaplan has the low-down.

Overwatch: Origins Edition

Have you ever visited Thailand? If not, you can always battle in Ayutthaya, the new map that takes place there. Ayutthaya was built specifically with the Capture the Flag (CTF) mode in mind. Speaking of CTF, some changes in the mode have been made to improve players' experience. These changes include substituting draws for sudden-death mechanics and instant flag pick up (excluding restricted abilities). Jeff continues by releasing details on competitive capture the flag and even shares details on the new Lunar New Year skins. For the full details, check out the full developer update below.

The Year of the Dog event officially begins on February 8th for all Overwatch players to experience.

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