Price Increase for All Artifex Mundi Games

By Kevin Tavore,
Artifex Mundi has become a reliable developer and publisher this generation. Every few months we’re treated to a new point and click adventure title with a story and easy trophies. For fans of the genre, this has been very safe. Without notice, Artifex Mundi has increased the prices on all of their games by 50%, going from USD $9.99 to $14.99. You can see a full list of their games on their publisher page.


The cited reason for the change is development costs:

The current market situation requires even greater investment on our part, and we have therefore had to make the difficult decision to raise the prices of our games. We plan to continue releasing more and more adventure games on Xbox One and PS4, and want to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible, but without sacrificing the quality of Artifex Mundi titles. This means more specialists, more working hours, more expenses. We sincerely hope that you understand our decision and will keep playing our games and supporting us in the future.
Thanks to their easy platinums, many of us were likely waiting on sales to jump into the various games. Now we’ll wait a bit longer.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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