SMITE Season 5 Dated for Console Launch

By Kelly Packard, 10 months ago
While the release of Cerberus got SMITE console players' attention, what they're really after is Season 5, which comes packaged with a brand-new Conquest map, an item overhaul, ranked rewards, the 2018 season ticket, and more. Following Season 5's launch on PC last week, developer Hi-Rez has confirmed Season 5 will launch for consoles today, February 6th.


The main draw of the fifth season is the new map. In fact, since SMITE didn't make its way to consoles until Season 2, console players have never played on a different Conquest map than the present one, making Season 5's release especially exciting. The new map is 20% wider and features new art, more jungle passages, experience camps, and a new boss called the Pyromancer, which has replaced Season 4's portal demon.

Be sure to give the item tree a good look-over along with familiarizing the new map, as you'll notice that starter items have been removed and replaced with something called blessings. You'll also see new and powerful items like Typhon's Fang and Soul Gem, and some of your favorite items from last season may not do what they used to anymore, like Rod of Tahuti and Book of the Dead. Of course, there are hundreds of other tweaks to XP values, minion health and other tiny details, so be sure to read over the full patch notes to stay current on everything.

Patch 5.1 also sees the continuation of the Ragnarok event that was introduced at the end of Season 4. The second Ragnarok bundle, called the Chaos Bundle, includes two exclusive skins, extra goodies and another Molten Key to unlock an Awesome Chest.

  • Fiendish Flight Jing Wei
  • Fiendish Rage Cu Chulainn
  • Ragnarok Metal Theme
  • Ragnarok Loading Screen Skin
  • Molten Key

For those in the business of grinding ranked, your Season 4 rewards are here. Getting 75 ranked wins throughout the season earns you the limited Pale Raven Morrigan skin. Those who won 150 ranked games in Season 4 will receive a loading frame that displays their highest rank earned during the season for each mode in which they participated: Conquest, Joust and Duel. Duel has received new icons as well.

The start of a new season also means a new season ticket. Similar to last year, the passes will be sold per split. Everyone can earn fantasy points that go toward unlocking rewards, but those who purchase the split pass for 400 gems will receive double points and a limited Star Salvager Skadi skin.

There have also been a few changes to the season ticket. Players will still be able to reach ticket goals to earn preset rewards, but now there is a little more choice involved. Instead of Undying Chests, which let players roll for skins that were recolors of different skins, the skins have been moved to a fantasy points store where they can be purchased for 3,500 FP each. The store will also rotate out other skins every patch — on PC right now, it's Ragnarok Fenrir, Baron Frostchild Ymir and Dark Summoner Nu Wa — that can be purchased at a higher price of 7,000 FP.

There are also higher tiers to reach in the season ticket. Instead of only going up to 30,000 fantasy points, players can now earn the Limited Demonic Thanatos skin at 80,000 FP. Knight of Wisdom Athena can be earned much sooner at 9,948 FP. FP values have also been adjusted, and instead of the base 5 FP per loss/10 FP per win (10 FP per loss/20 FP per win for those who have the split pass), additional FP will be received for every minute a game goes longer than 20 minutes.

In the midst of it all, Thanatos has also received a mastery skin update.


Season 5 launches for SMITE console today, February 6th. The servers will go down for maintenance beginning at 9 a.m. EST. There is also an Enigma Chest Weekend running from February 9th-11th where players can get a free Enigma Chest each day they get three First Wins of the Day.

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