Another Fifteen Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Highlight Trailers

By Andy Mills, 10 months ago
Last time out, KOEI Tecmo surprised us with a mammoth 15 character highlights videos for Dynasty Warriors 9, with the game's opening cinematic thrown in for good measure. They've done the same again this time around with another 15 for us all to enjoy. That brings us to 64 by my count.


Lu Xun

Lu Xun always conducted himself with sincerity and encapsulated both the liveliness of youth and the wisdom of resourcefulness.Watch Lu Xun wield his blades and show why you shouldn't underestimate him for being young. Lu Xun aided Lu Meng in defeating Guan Yu, and succeeded in taking Jing. He also served as the Grand Commander at Yiling and was able to destroy Liu Bei's huge army.
Huang Zhong

Huang Zhong with an aim that never missed, his skills as an archer brought him a position as one Shu's Five Tiger Generals. As he became older, he grew more active on the battlefield. Although he had a unique carefree spirit brought about by his age, he also had a rigidness from his years of experience as a warrior.
Guan Ping

Guan Ping was earnest and true, he joined Liu Bei as a sign of respect to his adopted father wherein he became proficient in martial arts. Originally the second son of Guan Ding of Hebei, he became the adopted son of Guan Yu after his father became impressed with Guan Yu in a fateful encounter.
Xu Zhu

Xu Zhu with a large frame and superior strength, he was often by Cao Cao's side to protect him from harm. Don't upset Xu Zhu or he'll be the last person you face on the battlefield.
Yu Jin

Yu Jin placed a strong emphasis on military discipline and his unyielding personality caused friend and foe alike to cower in fear. After being promoted by Cao Cao, he made a name for himself through various battles across the land.
Gan Ning

Gan Ning was short-tempered and quick to brawl but was well-trusted by his men. Watch Gan Ning show why his name was feared.
Zhang Chunhua

Zhang Chunhua was well-known for her intelligence, a caring mother to two talented sons, Sima Shi and Sima Zhao, and a loving wife to Sima Yi. Although her face was never without a smile, she was feared by those in her family.
Dian Wei

Dian Wei is built like a giant with immense strength and an impressive physique, he often served as a bodyguard to Cao Cao. As long as you leave Cao Cao alone you won't meet his wrath! His fierce look and uncultured ways incited fear among many yet those he served know the man for his utmost loyalty.
Wei Yan

Wei Yan was A fiery berserker whose strength, appearance, and actions struck fear into the hearts of both friend and foe alike. Despite Zhuge Liang's objections and concerns that Wei Yan would defect, Liu Bei took Wei Yan into his service after the death of Liu Biao, Wei Yan's former lord.
Xu Shu

Xu Shu, originally a disciple of Sima Hui, he was a skilled military strategist and an expert swordsman who served Liu Bei for a limited time period.
Cao Xiu

Cao Xiu rallied to Cao Cao as soon as heard word that he was recruiting an army, he travelled from the far-off Wu District to join him.
Yue Ying

Yue Ying, Wife of Zhuge Liang, chose to fight as a way to support her husband and execute his strategies. Not only was she an able fighter, but she was also well versed in astronomy, geography, strategy, and other fields of learning and continually aided Zhuge Liang from the shadows. Her natural grace gave her a commanding presence on the field of battle.
Zhu Ran

Zhu Ran was an officer entrusted with the future of Wu, those around him had high expectations for his potential. Although young, he distinguished himself in the suppression of a group of mountain bandits and during the Battle of Ruxukou.
Yuan Shao

Yuan Shao had both ability and power commensurate with his noble birth, but at the same time suffered from the conceit and vulnerability prevalent among the nobility. Yuan Shao became the leader of the Coalition that gathered to end the tyranny of Dong Zhuo. Following Dong Zhuo's death, he fought his longtime acquaintance Cao Cao over control of the central plains at Guandu.
Deng Ai

Deng Ai often enjoyed looking at maps, he became a skilled strategist and specialized in utilizing the terrain to his advantage he showed these abilities in the battles with Shu. Although he was originally a minister, he became a general with a long history with Wei after his talents as a commander was discovered by Sima Yi who then granted him, troops.
Dynasty Warriors 9 is just over a week away, releasing on February 13th. Surely we'll see the final batch before then?

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