Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera Tease

By SkydivingFalcon, 10 months ago
It’s been over two years since Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege was released, and the game has maintained a strong player base. In the two years that have passed, 16 operators have been added to the game as well as a Ranked mode for multiplayer. Time has passed for players to get used to the new operators, and year two’s Operation White Noise has been completed.

Outbreak and Operation Chimera.

A new year brings a new challenge for the Rainbow Six team — Operation Chimera. The new operation takes place in New Mexico, where an epidemic is affecting a particular town. There are two operators who are specifically skilled in tackling the task at hand. They will be joining the roster and will be available to play during the new operation. One operator, who is from France, uses drones to watch the quarantine area. The other operator, who relocated to Russia to study, has found many different “applications for self-dissolving nanobots”. The new event has been previously announced as Outbreak, which will see a team of three operators take down the threat.

Operation Chimra

The event will be free to all who own Rainbow Six Siege and will be available for four weeks. The event will also bring new costumes, new weapon skins, and new weapon charms that will be exclusive to the event. The event is said to be available to all players from March 6th. Are you ready to face the new challenge?

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