Playstation Plus Titles in February Includes Knack and RiMe

By Lea Sumner Bertelsen,
While February's Plus games aren't a blast from the past or fabulous, the lineup is still pretty decent — if you don't already have these games in your backlog, that is. While Knack was a launch title and has been long awaited as a Plus game, RiMe is relatively new, released for PS4 in May 2017.

Here is the games that you will get if you have Plus membership. They will be available for free download from February 6th.

Playstation 4

Playstation 3

Playstation Vita

Bonus VR Game

As another bonus, Americans can pick up the starter pack for Gems of War from February 13th until March 13th.

The pack includes the Nobend Brothers troop, capable of causing all kinds of trouble on the gem board without even losing a turn. It also comes with 10 rare gem keys and 2,500 souls to level up all your new troops. Get started on your journey today!

Last minute pick-up for January's games

This means that you need to claim January's games within the next few days if you haven't already:

Lea Sumner Bertelsen
Written by Lea Sumner Bertelsen
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