Destiny 2 Iron Banner and Upcoming Patch Details

By Luc1d, 11 months ago
Bungie has released details of the upcoming Iron Banner event and Update 1.1.2 for Destiny 2, including more player choice over rewards received, Masterworks armor, and an overhaul of the Raid rewards system.

Iron Banner

Iron Banner will run for a week from Tuesday January 30th until February 6th, and the game type is Control. Players will receive rewards from Iron Banner Engrams in addition to being able to select them from Lord Saladin. Iron Banner Engrams will drop new Season 2 rewards, but there is also a chance of receiving Season 1 items from them. The new Iron Banner emblem is awarded for completing the event Milestone and tracks lifetime rank ups in Iron Banner on Destiny 2. Bungie has announced that an Iron Banner ship will be available but has not released images or details of how to obtain it.

Masterworks Armour

Masterworks armour will be added to Destiny 2 in patch 1.1.2 on January 30th. All Legendary armour will have a chance to drop as a Masterwork, with a higher drop rate from Raid activities and Trials of the Nine. Raid Masterworks can only be obtained from Raid drops and will never be awarded from Engrams or Vendors.

Masterworks armor benefits include:
  • 3% damage resistance per armor piece while using a super, up to a maximum of 15% for equipping a full Masterworks armor set.
  • Option to switch to a different stat package (Light, Heavy or Restorative) at a cost of one Masterworks core and ten Legendary Shards
Bungie has identified a UI bug where attempts to rapidly rework armour will fill a progress bar then make it appear to rework to the same stats as before. This bug doesn't actually perform a rework or consume any materials, and can be avoided by allowing a short delay between reworks.

Raid Rewards

Update 1.1.2 will bring a number of changes to the Raid reward system in Destiny 2. Raid-specific armour perks will appear on Raid armour drops via a new set of Legendary mods, which can also be equipped to Raid armour already in a player's inventory. Each new Raid mod will be reusable, remaining in the item's mod list after switching to a different perk with a price of one Calus Token to re-equip it. The new Raid perks will not be tied to any specific game mechanics, instead giving general benefits such as "Recharge your grenade when you activate your Super" and "Deal 20% extra damage after getting a melee kill".

New Raid Perk ModsNew Raid Perk Mods

Other changes to the Raid reward system include:
  • Double drops for Prestige clears, combining both the Prestige and Normal rewards so that players don't need to do two runs
  • Unification of drop tables, so Raid loot is available from any encounter
  • Chance of an exotic item drop from all encounters, with an equal chance to receive armour or weapons
  • Exotic drops can be any non-quest exotics and are restricted to items your class can equip
  • Benedict 99-40 will sell a range of Raid gear for Calus Tokens and Legendary Shards, with items available changing each week
  • Players can only purchase gear for Raids they have completed that week, so players cannot obtain Prestige gear without completing Prestige activities
There is one exception to the unification of loot tables, a new exotic ghost called the Contender's Shell. This is being added to Destiny 2 as a chase item, with a chance to drop from the final encounter in either Leviathan or Eater of Worlds. The new ghost comes with "bad luck protection" to ensure players eventually receive it, avoiding a recurrence of the frustration Destiny players experienced trying to get the Nanophoenix ship from Wrath of the Machine.

The Contender's Shell will offer new perks that are only active on Leviathan and its lair:
  • Seeker of Brilliance - enables a chance of receiving Bright Engrams as loot drops from encounters with an increased chance each time one wasn't received from the previous encounter
  • Seeker of Opulence - gives a 50% chance to pull exotic drops from those not previously collected instead of from the standard list
  • Seeker of Glory - tracks how many encounters the player has completed on the Leviathan
Contender's Shell Exotic GhostContender's Shell Exotic Ghost

Update 1.1.2 Preview

Additional changes coming to Destiny 2 in Update 1.1.2 include:

  • Prometheus Lens Flame Refraction perk now generates ammo instead of pulling from reserves
  • Prometheus Lens - increased base damage
  • Fixed an issue where new characters created after the release of Curse of Osiris were not receiving the Flashpoint milestone
  • Players in social spaces, like the Tower, receive a notification when their Lost and Found at the Postmaster is full
  • Heroic strike completions now have a greater chance of granting Exotic rewards
  • Mercury challenges are now available during adventures
  • Fixed an issue where Curse of Osiris strikes were not properly granting Clan Engrams when featured as a Nightfall activity
  • Fixed an issue where Challenges were not appearing within Quickplay
  • Increased the dismantle timer for Masterwork Cores
Destiny 2 is scheduled to be offline for maintenance for four hours on January 30th, beginning at 4pm GMT / 8am Pacific. Iron Banner and Update 1.1.2 will be available as soon as the game comes back online.

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