EA SPORTS UFC 3 Knockout Mode Will Include Commentary From Snoop Dogg

By Ashley Woodcock, 11 months ago
The legendary west coast hip-hop veteran Snoop Dogg will be a part of the upcoming fighting title EA SPORTS UFC 3, as he offers his highly recognisable voice as commentary in the game's Knockout Mode. The game mode is very straightforward. Each player will start with the same health, but as they receive successfully landed shots from their opponent, their health will go down. Once there's only one health bar remaining, the time will come to finish the fight as the next successful shot will result in the knockout.


I personally have a lot of time for The Doggfather as I've listened to his music for well over 20 years now, but Mr. Broadus will more than likely have surprised gamers with this guest appearance. See what you think of Snoopzilla's commentary in the following trailer:

If you pre-order the Champions Edition of EA SPORTS UFC 3, you'll gain three days Early Access to the game. Otherwise, get to grips with the title and drop your opponents like they're hot on February 2nd.

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Written by Ashley Woodcock
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