Rogue-lite Metroidvania Dead Cells Coming To Console This Year

By Andy Mills, 11 months ago
In amongst the sea of quality titles that came out last year, French studio Motion Twin made a decent splash when they released Dead Cells into Early Access on PC in May. While they had previously announced in September last year that the game would be coming to unspecified consoles, the Bordeaux-based team has now cofirmed they're taking their "Frankenstein's monster" mix of rogue-lite and Metroidvania to all three major consoles later this year.

Dead Cells

The game is certainly more slanted to the Castlevania side of the Metroidvania genre with in particular serving as the main inspiration for the game, according to lead designer Sebastien Bénard.

That's not the only thing that served as inspiration, however, with the game's combat beginning life in development as a sort of 2D Dark Souls, according to Bénard. While the combat itself changed to something a lot more fast-paced, the ethos of Dark Souls' tough but fair mentality still lives on with enemies able to kill the player as quickly as the player can kill them. It will be the player's own skills that keep them alive more than anything else. You can get a taste of what that looks like on both sides with the game's console announcement trailer below.

Dead Cells will make its way onto Playstation 4 later this year.

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