KOEI Tecmo Release Five More Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Highlights

By Andy Mills, 11 months ago
As we approach the release of Dynasty Warriors 9, the latest title in the long-running hack-and-slash franchise, publisher KOEI Tecmo has been releasing a slew of videos that provide a look at what each of the game's characters can do. We've seen 29 of these short videos thus far. With these five today, we're slowly but surely getting closer to seeing all the characters that the game has to offer.

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Kicking us off this time around is Sima Yi.

Sima Yi swallowed his pride when necessary allowing him to use it as a weapon. As Wei's strategist, he brought Cao Cao to numerous victories and became highly trusted by Cao Pi.

Number two is the nunchaku-wielding Ling Tong.

Ling Tong was often viewed as sarcastic, his deep loyalty to his friends and family drove him in battle putting his name among the greatest warriors of Wu. A servant of Wu, he continued to serve even after his father Ling Cao was killed in a battle with Gan Ning, and despised him ever since. He continued to serve even after his father was killed in a battle with Gan Ning, and despises him as a foe since.

The third of these five is the singularly named Zhenji, who is also the first female fighter of the group.

Zhenji has a passion for music and song, but she was often difficult to approach due to her cold, distant personality and her majestic and dignified mannerism.

Following her is the second woman of the five and daughter of series favourite Lu Bu, Lu Linqi.

Lu Linqi, daughter of Lu Bu, she possessed an extraordinary fighting ability much like her father and has the courage to stand on the front lines of any battle. With her strong spirit, she overcame many hardships despite struggling with a fear of loneliness caused by her past.

The final of this fighting five is the third woman in a row, Bao Sanniang, tipping the scales to the ladies for the first time so far in these batches of highlight videos.

Bao Sanniang has a fearless personality and was often seen beaming with cheer and positivity. Born as the third daughter of the Bao family, she went on to follow Guan Suo after the two met on the battlefield wherein she became interested in him.

These five bring the total so far to 34, so we're just about half way through Dynasty Warriors 9's 70+ characters. Hopefully we see the rest of them before the game launches on February 13th.

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