Call of Duty: WWII Hot Fix Brings Weapon Adjustments

By Andy Mills, 1 month ago
As an online multiplayer title, particularly one with a heavy competitive aspect, it's important that Call of Duty: WWII remains as balanced as possible. This latest hotfix from developer Sledgehammer Games aims to improve that balance with some weapon changes and a couple of other alterations.

You know, because it's a hot fixYou know, because it's a "hot" fix

Most of the changes are for the better, at least for those that enjoy those guns, but there are also a couple of nerfs in there for good measure.


FG 42
  • Recoil buff
  • Slight fire rate buff
Grease Gun
  • Recoil adjustment to give player more control
  • ADS transition time buff
Sawed-Off Shotgun
  • Max and Mid Damage range buff
  • Buff to number of pellets to kill
  • Reload time buff
  • Hip spread nerf
  • ADS transition time nerf
Lee Enfield
  • ADS transition time buff
Combat Shotgun
  • Slight Max Damage range nerf, still overall buff to where it was at launch of game


  • Moved defensive start spawns in S&D on Sainte Marie du Mont
  • Moved CTF flag positions back on London Docks
Call of Duty: WWII players should already be feeling the effects of these changes as the hotfixes are now live.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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