Ubisoft Answers A Few Questions In Far Cry 5 Developer Diary

By Andy Mills, 11 months ago
The release date for Far Cry 5, the latest instalment in the long-running series, approaches on the horizon. With that in mind, two of the team at Ubisoft Montreal took a few minutes to answer some questions about the upcoming first-person shooter.

The Cult

The game's creative director Dan Hay and his "son" — watch the video and it'll make slightly more sense — associate producer Philippe Fournier talk about characters, co-op and... wolverines. There's no respect for some good alliteration at Ubisoft it seems.

In other Far Cry 5 news, Ubisoft announced a rather fancy limited edition for the game. In a collaboration with collectable company Mondo, this contains the game (this does sound obvious, but some collector editions don't nowadays so it's always good to make sure); a specially designed steelbook, and both vinyl and digital editions of the game's original soundtrack, all of which comes in a unique box. There's only 4,000 being made and it's exclusive to Ubisoft's own store, so if the screenshots below are enough to entice you, you might want to head over there pretty sharpish.

Far Cry 5 Mondo Edition

As part of the project, Ubisoft also took some time to sit down and chat with Jay Shaw, artist and creative director at Mondo.

Far Cry 5 is currently scheduled to release on Playstation 4 on March 27th.

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