Battalion 1944 Trailer Announces Early Access

By NexusGrunt, 11 months ago
Whilst the exact release date is still to be revealed, it appears to be getting closer as developer Bulkhead Interactive has announced that the WWII FPS title, Battalion 1944, is heading into its early access phase.

Battalion 1944 Screens 13

Ahead of this, the team will first run an exclusive beta of the game, although it looks as though this will only be for the PC version; however, we already are getting some interesting information from this that we can expect to see later in the console version. Two game modes will be included, Domination and Wartide, featuring the maps Manorhouse and Liberation respectively. The Early Access, which will start on Thursday, February 1st, will feature six different game modes in total, although those have yet to be revealed. Along with the announcement, the team has released a new trailer featuring gameplay from the upcoming title.

Battalion 1944 will be heading to the Playstation 4, although no official release date has been confirmed.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Battalion 1944 trophies.