New NA PS Now Titles for January 9th

By Lea Sumner Bertelsen,
PS Now in America gets a heap of great games that are exclusive to the Playstation platform. This includes the following games:

There are then some games that were originally on PS3, but since have been updated to the PS4 platform:

If you haven't tried PS Now yet, there's still a 7 day free trial for everyone to test it out. US residents can take advantage of the US$9.99 for a month offer. Be aware that the trial will transition into the regular pricetag, so make sure to activate the offer. There's a yearly subscription offer, but that ends on February 6th according to the blog post.

PS Now can be played from PS4 and PC. It is only available in US and UK so far and offers access to over 600 games with no game downloads. You can cross-save between Now games and the PS Cloud for your regular versions of the game.
Lea Sumner Bertelsen
Written by Lea Sumner Bertelsen
Gamer for 25 years.