Neverwinter Releases Swords of Chult Update Details and Screens

By Ashley Woodcock, 11 months ago
A pretty whopping title update has been released for Neverwinter as players can now indulge countless hours into a new expansion dubbed "Swords of Chult". Patch notes and screens have been released for the update and the notes include a heavy list of highlights, additions, fixes and changes.

Starting with the highlights, there will be a new skirmish called "The Merchant Prince's Folly", improvements have been made to the inventory quality of life, and updates have been made to PvP. Here are the details straight from Arc Games' website:

New Skirmish: The Merchant Prince's Folly

Merchant Prince Wakanga O'tamu has recently acquired a treasure that others will stop at nothing to take for themselves. Protect Port Nyanzaru, build barricades, and repel the attack long enough to rebuild the gates, with improved rewards based on the speed of completion.

Check out the dev blog: Developer Blog: The Merchant Prince's Folly

Inventory Quality of Life Update

The Inventory window's user experience has seen another pass. There is now an options dialog that enables access to certain features like collapsing all inventory slots into a single view, filtering the inventory to specific types of items, and sorting all bags together. There's also an "Identify All" option for quickly taking care of all that extra unidentified gear.

Check out the dev blog: Developer Blog: Updates to Inventory Management

Refinement Streamlining

We've worked on streamlining the Refinement experience to significantly reduce the amount of inventory space required to engage in the system, and to significantly reduce the need to hoard refinement items for 2x Refinement weekends - which are being replaced by "Get Bonus RP from defeating enemies" weekends instead. In addition, Enchantments will receive two new tiers, and Enhancements (the special Weapon, Armor slots) will receive one new tier.

Information can be found here: Refinement: Technical Details

And here: Official Feedback Thread: Refining Refinement

Bonding Runestones and Related Changes

Bonding Runestones have seen some changes. While they'll still be the most powerful runestone in the game, they will no longer be as severely above the rest. The percentage of stats they share has been reduced, while Eldritch Runestones now give their stat sharing effect to Offense slots in addition to the Defense slot bonus that already existed.

Information can be found here: Official Feedback Thread: Bonding Runestone Changes

Campaign Progression for Alts

Players who complete a campaign will now have access to an item they can give to an alternate character on the same account. This item should significantly speed up that character's progression through the campaign, often through discounted currency costs or increased reputation gains.

Check out the dev blog: Developer Blog: Campaign Progression for Alts

PvP Updates

Tenacity is no longer on items. Instead, all damage received in player-versus-player content (PvP) is reduced by a flat value of 40%, along with similar reductions to crit severity, healing received, and armor penetration. All Tenacity that was previously on items has since been replaced with other stats, and PvP-specific items now receive an Item Level boost and stat boost when joining PvP matches or in PvP areas.

In addition, crowd control (CC) powers now apply diminishing returns - for each CC attack, the target has the duration of future CC effects reduced by a stacking 25% for 15 seconds, and gains immunity at 4 stacks. These stacks are independent.

There are other changes to PvP, including the Solo PvP Queue being made a permanent fixture of the Queue list, a category update to buffs (this change is not restricted to PvP), and a new set of rewards sold by Kyrian Foss in the Trade of Blades.

Check out the dev blog: Developer Blog: PvP Updates

Random Queues

A new "Random Queue" category has been added to the Queues UI. In addition to allowing queues for less-popular dungeons and skirmishes to pop, Astral Diamond rewards and bonus Seals will be granted for the first random run in a day. Under-represented roles will also stand a chance to gain bonus Astral Diamonds on the completion of a queue.

Information can be found here: Official Feedback Thread: Random Queues

The release notes are also full of details with changes to content and environment, combat and powers, items and economy, and much more:

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The "Swords of Chult" update for Neverwinter is live and ready to play right now.

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