Dovetail Games Euro Fishing Patch and Upcoming DLC Details with New Screens

By Ashley Woodcock, 11 months ago
Details of a patch and new incoming DLC have emerged from the waters of Dovetail Games Euro Fishing. The patch aims to improve different factors of the game and the DLC will allow for players to explore new and uncharted waters.

The update looks to improve the game's first tutorial, 'The Basics', and will now allow for users to choose either Total or Basic Cast Control. The tutorial will flow better with changes being made to timings and there's also been minor bugs fixed. Water will look much more realistic when the wind is set to static.

Audio has been improved when reeling in and netting fish, and the ambient audio has also been tweaked. The leaderboards will hopefully no longer fail to load. While in the menus, players will be able to "view Koi and Ghost Carp to the species section of the Angler's Log". The Korda IQ-D 4 rig has also been fixed as it previously wasn't appearing in the tackle shop.

Take a look at the full list below for every detail:

  • 'The Basics' tutorial has been updated to give players the choice of Total or Basic Cast Control and now features a fish fight. General flow of the tutorial has been improved by adjusting timers and various minor bug fixes.
  • Koi and Ghost Carp can now been viewed in the Angler's Log in the 'Species' section.
  • Water has been improved to now look more realistic when setting the wind to 'Static'.
  • Ambience audio has been slightly adjusted and improved.
  • Fixed issue regarding the audio for reeling in and landing a fish into the net from the lake.
  • Fixed issue where 'Korda IQ-D 4' rig wasn't appearing in the tackle shop.
  • Fixed issue where the leaderboard would fail to load in Live Tournaments.
  • Various minor bug fixes
To further enhance your escape from the real world, Dovetail will be taking players on a trip to Waldsee, in the thick forests of Germany.

Waldsee, which means "forest lake" in German, transports players to a hidden hideaway with plenty of woodland and rocks in the surroundings. With the waters being uncharted, you'll be one of the first people to discover what kind of fish are yet to be caught. The exact stock of the Waldsee is currently unknown, but apparently visitors who have already discovered this hideaway have bagged themselves carp up to 62lbs and catfish up to 68lbs.

Mark Greenway, Fishing Business Director at Dovetail Games, speaks about what players will experience in the upcoming "Waldsee" DLC:

Waldsee will offer a brand-new experience for Euro Fishing fans. It has amazing fish and scenic views while also remaining a secret to the fishing community at large. It’s the type of fishing spot that’s harder and harder to find nowadays and we wanted to somewhere that takes you away from the real world, giving you an intimate and personal environment where you can fish at your own pace.
Here's some screens showcasing the new area, fish, and more:

The "Waldsee" DLC for Dovetail Games Euro Fishing will come with over 600 fish, 20 new boss fish, and a new set of trophies to try and unlock. The DLC will release on January 9th for £8.99 or regional equivalent. The latest patch for the title is available right now.

We've got the full list of Euro Fishing trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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