Winter Comes To For Honor With The Frost Wind Festival

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
Ubisoft has joined the list of developers adding something for the season with the Frost Wind Festival coming soon to their twist on the fighting game genre, For Honor. This limited-time event will add a new gametype to the game, as well as some winter-themed items.

For Honor Frost Wind Festival screenshot

The biggest addition is the Ice Brawlers mode. A new 2v2 brawl match, those four players will fight on the surface of a frozen lake. That's obviously not the safest place to be as the thin ice will naturally begin to crack and fall apart as the match wears on, creating new hazards for fighters that aren't paying attention.

For Honor Frost Wind Festival screenshot

A variety of winter-themed items will also be added to the game, including weapons, Battle Outfits, mood effects, and even an emote, all of which can be looted in any game mode during the Frost Wind Festival. They'll also eventually be available as part of Hero-specific bundles with the bundles adapting dynamically to make sure the player won't receive any repeat items. Finally, for the first week of the fortnight-long festival, new Mask outfits for each faction will be available for a discounted price of 15,000 Steel, costing 20,000 Steel after this first week.

For Honor Frost Wind Festival screenshot

To see the Frost Wind Festival in action, albeit in a more cinematic fashion than usual, you can check out the trailer for the winter event below.

The Frost Wind Festival has begun in For Honor already, running for a fortnight before wrapping up on January 4th, 2018.

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