Vesta Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 1 year ago
We have just picked up the trophy list for Vesta, which is developed by Finalboss Games.

You can find guides to unlocking these trophies as soon as we have them on the Vesta Trophies page.

There are 22 trophies, none of which are secret:

Name Description
She is a machine!! Get all the trophies.
Search in progress Find 25 secrets.
Treasure hunter Find 50 secrets.
Nothing left behind Find all secrets.
Making friends Destroy 5 enemies.
Anyone else? Destroy 25 enemies.
Want some more? Destroy 50 enemies.
That green stuff Use 5 energy drums.
This is working Use 25 energy drums.
Energy Master Use 50 energy drums.
Patroll eraser Destroy 10 patrollers.
Don't break the floor! Destroy 5 Punchers.
Mine cleaner Destroy 10 MinePlanters.
Second chance Activate 20 checkpoints.
Awakening Complete the first chapter.
Discovering Complete the second chapter.
Fellowship Complete the third chapter.
Hope Finish the game.
Bullet Hell Shoot 50 times.
Historian Read 5 consoles.
Die, crates, die Destroy 30 crates.
Some extra stuff Find 5 secrets.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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