Surviving Mars Trailer and Screens Go Under the Dome

By Chewie, 1 year ago
A new trailer, set of screens and details have all come out for Haemimont Games' upcoming city building sim Surviving Mars, which also incorporates survival elements as players try to establish a thriving colony on the red planet whilst facing the inhospitable environment and scarce resources.

The trailer and screens provide a look at the Domes that provide habitable spaces for the colonists. The Domes come in a variety of sizes and flavours, but all are big enough to house hundreds of people in various buildings.

Domes can be dedicated to food production, scientific research, resource management and more. Each Dome has a single major construction known as the Spire that provides additional focus and boosts towards a given specialisation. Keeping these domes in balance will help maintain the colonists' four key stats of Health, Sanity, Comfort and Morale.

Colonists also have traits that make them perform better (or worse), such as Survivor for living in inhospitable conditions or Hypochondriac for utilising health services frequently and going insane if they're unable to do so. You can manage and filter colonist populations based on these traits to make the most of the colony or just to have some fun, like filling a Dome full of Sexy Nerds who get off on performing research. Sexy research.

Surviving Mars is due in Spring 2018.

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Written by Chewie
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