Battlefield 2018 Rumoured to be Bad Company 3

By Rich Stone,
Nearly eight years have passed since we last had a game in the Battlefield: Bad Company franchise. Since then, there have been three more installments in the main Battlefield Series plus a spin off from Visceral Games. In their last earnings call, EA confirmed that a new Battlefield title was planned for 2018. According to Youtuber AlmightyDaq, that title will actually be Battlefield: Bad Company 3.

You may be wondering who he is and why so many people are listening to him. Well, he correctly predicted many details of Battlefield 1 months before EA officially revealed the title to the public. Supposedly sourced from an insider at developer DICE, his video goes into a fair amount of detail on the upcoming title. Take a look:

He states that the game's campaign will take place across many locations set during mid- and post-Vietnam conflicts, including Cold War affiliations. As usual, the campaign will not be historically accurate. The game's weapons will match the campaign's time frame, and vehicles will include tanks and helicopters.

The multiplayer game modes will include several Battlefield staples, including Capture the Flag, Conquest, Domination, Rush and Team Deathmatch, as well as the Operations game mode introduced in Battlefield 1. There will also be a 5v5 mode similar to Squad Obliteration from Battlefield 4. The maps will be focused on tighter gameplay rather than the all-out warfare of Battlefield 1. Players will be able to customise their characters, guns and vehicles. Character classes will include Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon.

Bad Company 2 Vietnam

For those worried about microtransactions, no decision has yet been made whether to retain the battlepacks of previous games or whether to scrap them entirely following recent controversy.

AlmightyDaq assumes that the game will be officially revealed at E3 2018 in June and, as always, we'll be sure to let you know as soon as anything official is announced. In the meantime, is this what you wanted from the upcoming title or were you hoping for something else?

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