PSX 2017 Announcements: MediEvil, Patapon 2, Rick and Morty, and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Last weekend was Sony's annual Playstation Experience event. As expected, they used the occasion to announce a number of titles for Playstation 4 and Playstation VR. Take a look at the list below and see if there's anything you will be watching:


If Mighty No. 9 wasn't quite what you hoped it would be and you don't want to wait for Mega Man 11, Batterystaple Games' frantic roguelike action platformer might just be for you. In the name of saving humanity, you need to jump and shoot your way through randomly generated levels. Collect over 100 powerups to take down bosses easier but beware that death is permanent. Earning Soul Chips will allow you to unlock permanent upgrades to make future runs easier and Reverent Mode will allow players three lives if they find things too challenging. The title will be coming to Playstation 4 early next year.

Donut County

Ben Esposito's upcoming title puts players in the role of BK, a raccoon who works for a company that steals people's rubbish. The company does this by opening up holes to swallow the rubbish whole. As more stuff "falls" into the hole, the hole gets bigger. The game takes place six weeks after the hole-pocalypse and the entire contents of Donut County are sat at the bottom of the hole, including its residents. They wonder when BK is going to stop stealing things, but it's an addiction. You get to feed that addiction when the game comes to Playstation 4 next year.

Firewall Zero Hour

Now that Playstation VR has been out for a while, we're starting to see a more diverse range of games. First Contact Entertainment's team-based, tactical multiplayer FPS divides players into two teams of mercenaries, one of which is hired to protect highly sensitive information and the other of which is hired to steal it from targets all over the world. You'll have a variety of weapons and other equipment to help you to complete your task. If successful, you'll be rewarded with cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase upgrades for characters, weapons, load-outs and equipment, as well as cosmetic changes. The title will be arriving next year, but for now you can hear more about the game and see some gameplay in the PSX developer interview.

Guns of Icarus Alliance

Muse Games' PvP steampunk airship combat game tasks players with assembling a crew, customising their airship and battling their way through the skies. A war is ongoing between six elite factions who fight to control the post-apocalyptic ruins of a world destroyed by machines after the Industrial Revolution failed to end. Players will be able to battle opponents on PC as well as PS4 in cross-platform play. As well as fighting other players, the Playstation 4 version of the title will offer player vs environment co-op play that include challenges like escort missions, convoy raids and base assaults. The game will be free-to-play when it arrives early next year.

Gungrave VR

Red Entertainment's Gungrave series last set foot on Playstation consoles in 2004. Fourteen years later, the franchise is heading to Playstation 4 in the form of a VR optimisation of the original Gungrave title. Iggymob will be handling development duties while Blueside will be publishing. Few other details are known about the title, including its release window, but we can still check out the Japanese trailer from Tokyo Game Show below.

Jupiter & Mars

New developer Tigertron is bringing their debut title to Playstation 4 and tries to make players think about what would happen to a near-future Earth if humanity keeps inflicting "excesses and abuses" on it. Players head underwater in the role of Jupiter, a dolphin on a mission to restore life to the ocean alongside his AI-companion Mars. The title can also be played in Playstation VR but although this is recommended, it's not required. Whether you use VR or not, you'll be able to have a go with the title in Q2 2018.

Killing Floor: Incursion

Three years after revealing Killing Floor 2 at PSX, Tripwire Interactive is back with a VR title set in the same universe. Players use both hands to manipulate their weapons as they once again battle "mutated creatures that range from shambling zombie-like monsters to massive biomechanical abominations". Your robot companion NODE can be sent out to find ammo, health and other useful items while also transmitting information to the player from the outside world. Alongside the campaign is survival-esque Holdout mode where players survive as long as they can against waves of creatures. Both campaign and Holdout can also be played in co-op if you want to bring a friend along. The title will be releasing next year; you can hear more about the game and see some gameplay in the PSX developer interview.

Knockout League

Grab Games' upcoming title is an arcade-style boxing game made for VR. Making good use of the motion controls, players have to learn to move and dodge as well as use the 1:1 punch movement that replicates exactly what you're doing without the need for buttons. There will be a variety of opponents, each with their own fighting styles. Train up with the in-game drills before entering the ring in a bid to become champion of the Knockout League. The game will be released on Playstation VR some time in the future.


Sir Daniel Fortesque is at least 20 years old! I say at least because it's almost impossible to date a skeleton just by looking at it. Regardless, Sony Interactive Entertainment is making sure that we can look at him in HD after they revealed they're remastering the title for Playstation 4. After being resurrected again, players must take Daniel on a journey to defend Gallowmere from the evil sorceror Zarok, whose uncanny knack of being able to control the dead is causing a few problems. The title should arrive just in time for the game's 20th anniversary next year, which should hopefully be around October.

Patapon 2 Remastered

Continuing on with the Playstation 4 remasters is the second Patapon title that will be getting a 4K facelift. The Patapon tribe arrives on a new island after being separated from their Zigatron friends. The problem is the new island is filled with new enemies and other creatures they'll encounter as they look for Earthend. As well as the improved display, the game will include eight new drum rhythms, new mini-games, new Patapon types and evolutions, and an option for players to create their own hero. The title is due to arrive next year.

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Publisher Adult Swim Games has teamed up with Owlchemy Labs to bring their popular VR title to Playstation owners. Players assume the role of a clone of Morty whose multi-dimensional journey through strange worlds will visit places such as Purgatory and the Smiths' bathroom. You'll get to help Rick with his experiments, follow his directions (or not), solve puzzles and complete missions along the way. The title is due to arrive on Playstation VR next year.

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Written by Rebecca Smith
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