Two Videos Released for Final Fantasy XV's Episode Ignis DLC

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Final Fantasy XV's "Episode Ignis" DLC is launching in only a few days. Square Enix is giving players a quick look (and listen) at the DLC with two videos.

DLC Screens

The first video shows a few "unique abilites" that Ignis will be able to use during battle, like overclock, high jump and "quick recipeh" (for all those times when you need to cook mid-battle). "Episode Ignis" promises "an emotional and breath-taking episode as you take control of the ever-dependable Ignis."

The second video gives players a listen to one of the new songs from "Episode Ignis," called "Apocalypsis Magnatus." According to Square Enix, the song will play during an extra battle with Noctis, Final Fantasy XV's lead character.

"Episode Ignis" launches for Final Fantasy XV on December 13th.

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