Mega Man 11 Announced, Mega Man X Games Coming to Playstation 4

By Rebecca Smith, 10 months ago
Some people on this site would be surprised to find that Mega Man is older than they are. In just 12 days time, the iconic blue robot will be 30 years old after making his debut on the NES console on December 17th, 1987. During Capcom's Mega Man 30th Anniversary Celebration stream, they made a few announcements regarding the future of the franchise; one of these was the existence of Mega Man 11 that you can see in the trailer below.

The first thing you'll have noticed from the trailer is the new art style. The latest title in the franchise will introduce 2.5D visuals. This includes 3D character models and far more detailed hand-drawn environments than Mega Man players will have seen before. Don't let the art style put you off, though. Capcom promises that the game has retained all of the classic gameplay with which players will be familiar, including the challenge for which the franchise is known.

Mega Man will still be tasked with taking down the mechanical creations of Dr. Wily and to stop his evil plans in their tracks. As usual, you'll be jumping, shooting and sliding your way through the game on your way to taking down the Robot Masters. Once those Masters are defeated, you can take their weapons and use them yourself. In an attempt to satisfy players of all abilities, there will be a number of difficulty options so that you can set the bar as high as you want.

Mega Man doesn't just have his typical blue armour this time around. Whenever he equips a weapon taken from a Robot Master, he'll change his appearance to a grey and turquoise hue. You can see this in the artwork below as well as the trailer above. Joining Mega Man will be a number of returning characters, such as Rush the robotic dog, who you likely noticed in the trailer. Mega Man's sister Roll will also make an appearance.

Mega Man 11 will be released next year and more details have been promised for summer 2018, so don't expect to see the game until the latter part of the year. However, you'll be able to get your Mega Man fix a bit earlier than that. All of the eight titles in the Mega Man X series will also be making their way to the Playstation 4 this summer. It's highly likely that these games will be released as a single collection, although Capcom didn't make this clear. Like their newest title, though, more details have been promised "in the coming months" before the games' release in summer 2018.

Finally, Capcom also announced that Mega Man Legacy Collection will be heading to the Nintendo Switch. Ordinarily this wouldn't mean much to you, having already got the game two years ago, but this latest port will include a new Rewind feature that allows players to rewind the clock if they make a mistake or need a bit of breathing space. If you own the Legacy Collection on PS4, this feature will be added as a title update in Spring 2018.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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