Weekend Announcements December 1st-3rd: Dark Eclipse, Omega Labyrinth Z and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Last weekend was fairly quiet, but we've still managed to find seven titles that are coming to Playstation and were announced fairly recently:

Dark Eclipse

SunSoft is best known for Ikki Online and a trio of the Arcade Archives titles, but now they're bringing a MOBA to Playstation VR. The game's 20 characters are divided between human-like Heroes and monster-like Dominators and a player will control up to three characters at once. Thanks to VR, players will be able to pick things up with their hands with Move controllers, although Dualshock 4 will also be supported. Matches will initially be 1v1 and can last 10-30 minutes each. Once ranked seasons are introduced, modes involving more players will be introduced. The title will be released in Spring 2018.


Manufactured Beauty (Vita)

Developer Arcade Distillery announced not one but three new titles this week. The first of these is a 3D platformer hoping to be one of the first western titles to really push the limits of the Playstation Vita. Players assume the role of Mr Cuddles who's a mechanical rabbit. He wakes up in a city made out of leftovers. He'll encounter other mechanical animals, none of whom can remember their lives before they arrived in the city. It's up to you to find out their purpose for being there. The title will be arriving sometime next year.

Omega Labyrinth Z

Matrix Software's "boob based" rogue-like dungeon crawler RPG will be heading west on Playstation 4 and Vita courtesy of publisher PQube. Rumours surrounding the existence of the Grail of Beauty are abound at the Embellir Girls Academy. Apparently the Grail can grant any wish. The catch is that it's hidden in a secret cave that is only accessible during the annual open day at the Academy. Student Aina Akemiya is sick of being self-conscious about her body so she sets out to find the Grail. However, it won't be easy — the cave is full of monsters and loot, and the layout is constantly changing. You can try it out for yourself in Spring 2018.

SkullPirates and War Theatre

The remaining two Arcade Distillery titles will both be appearing at Sony's upcoming PSX event. SkullPirates tells the story of a skeletal pirate crew aboard The Coccyx Avenger, captained by the Skull Queen. Unfortunately, her extravagance has put her in debt with a number of loan sharks, led by Sharktavia, and they want their money back. To repay them, the crew is sent to infiltrate the isle of Cattania, break into the treasury vault and steal anything and everything. The most valuable trasures unlock new abilities and new areas, but the locals won't be pleased with your actions. Even if you escape the island, you'll need to evade the rival pirate crews sailing through the area. The title will feature cross-play between PS4 and Vita, as well as drop-in/drop-out co-op locally or online for two players.

War Theatre is a strategy RPG akin to Desert Ashes and it will be appearing on Playstation 4 and Vita. The developer took the feedback from Plague Road and implemented a new progression system. Players can upgrade their party with gold to unlock new perks to customise their army to their playstyle. Players will also have hero units to use that will have special abilities like the Nurse that can heal, or the Rat Mother who sends her children to poison enemies. There will be cross-play online PvP multiplayer and a player's progress is shared between single-player and multiplayer. This title is currently scheduled for Q1 2018.


All of Arcade Distillery's titles in the image above are situated within the same universe, just taking place at different times. War Theatre is set in the same world as Plague Road but takes place hundreds of years later. Meanwhile, War from Death Tales will also be making an appearance in War Theatre. Manufactured Beauty will feature an area based on the location of SkullPirates.

Who remembers the buzz wire games where the aim was to get a hook from one end of the course to the other without touching the wire and setting off the buzzer? Well, 3D Avenue's upcoming platformer reminds me of one of those. Players must send a "dark three-eyed entity" to the portal at the end of the level without touching any of the obstacles, or the sides by the look of it. The game's 80 levels are spread across eight brightly coloured worlds with their own unique twists. The title is heading to Playstation 4 "soon".

Wizard of Legend

Contingent99 has teamed up with Humble Bundle to bring their successfully Kickstarted title to Playstation 4 early next year. The procedurally generated dungeon crawler puts players in the role of a wizard who is looking to best the Chaos Trials and earn the title of Wizard of Legend. With over 100 spells to use and combat that is inspired by Devil May Cry and Street Fighter, you'll be well prepared to take on the challenge as long as you perfect the art of dashing and protecting yourself. Throughout the Trials there will be extra spell cards, known as Arcana, to find or purchase, as well as relics that will enhance spells and personal stats. Even if you die, you'll retain some of your inventory so that you'll be able to progress further on your next attempt. You can even take a friend in local co-op mode if you like.

Will you be purchasing any of these titles?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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