CODE VEIN Character Reveal, New Features, and Screens

By Ethan Anderson, 10 months ago
Bandai Namco has recently released a ton of new screenshots for the upcoming CODE VEIN. These images highlight a new character, some gameplay features, and a snowy location. They also show some stills from the game's opening animation.

Mia and Nicola Karnstein are siblings who wander the land of Vein while protecting one another. One of the areas to which they travel is the Ridge of Frozen Souls. This snow-covered zone is a mountain pass that features narrow paths, low visibility, an icy cave, and a massive enemy to top it all off. This foe is faster than it looks and its large shield, combined with its speed, may prove troublesome for players. The following screens give us our first look at Mia's younger brother Nicola and the Ridge of Frozen Souls.

In terms of gameplay, there are now more details for a few mechanics and abilities. Blood Veils allow players to use powerful attacks that drain blood and regain Ichor. Ichor is needed to continue to use other techniques. For example, the "Ivy" Blood Veil allows players to attack enemies from a distance with thorns that rise from the ground. Other Blood Veils include Ogre, Stinger, and Hounds. Blood Veils can be swapped out for whatever your situation may require as each of these vary in strength and range of use.

In addition to using and choosing Blood Veils, players will also be able to customise them. Customisation options are also available for weapons and Blood Codes, which are a special blood type. Blood Codes grant special skills that vary depending on the owner. Player characters will gain the ability of the Blood Code's original owner when they equip it. For example, Hunger Blood Code helps when attacking from afar, Berserker Blood Code is useful for close range combat, and Ranger Blood Code provides benefits when in dungeons. Becoming proficient in the use of Blood Veils and Blood Codes will increase your chances of survival in Vein.

Lastly, screenshots of the game's animated intro were also released. This opening was created by the Japanese studio Ufotable. The studio has worked on the animated show God Eater as well as the Tales of JRPG series.

CODE VEIN is set to launch in 2018.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the CODE VEIN trophies.
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