The Adventure Pals New Trailer Released

By NexusGrunt, 10 months ago
Developer Massive Monster has released a new trailer for the upcoming co-op adventure platform title, The Adventure Pals. The 2D platformer promises to be anything but conventional and the new trailer highlights some of the crazy characters that you will meet across the 105 levels in the game.

Screenshot 6

The game encourages players to explore the five different and whimsical worlds together with a friend using the local drop-in/drop-out couch co-op. Friends will be needed to overcome the various enemies, traps and ridiculous enemies, but they will expect a share of any treasures that may be uncovered, of course. The game promises to feature zombie pirate cats, post-apocalyptic dinosaurs, and hot dogs that poop explosive mines — all of this while riding on the back of Sparkles, your pet giraffe.

The Adventure Pals will be heading to the Playstation 4 sometime in Spring 2018.

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