Episode Ignis And Character Changes Shown In Two Final Fantasy XV Videos

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
In amongst the celebrations for Final Fantasy XV's first anniversary, we heard a bit more about the "Episode Ignis" DLC as well as the ability to change between main character Noctis and the rest of his royal squad. Well, Square Enix has also been kind enough to release a couple of videos that provide a look at both at these additions on the way.

DLC Screens

Surprisingly, the video for "Episode Ignis" has nothing to do with new recipes, but instead has Ignis fighting Noctis in early game location Hammerhead.

On the character change front, this footage shows that while combat does remain largely similar, each character does seem to have their own small intricacies. The most notable of these is Prompto, whose gameplay can shift to more of a third-person shooter.

The ability to change character will be coming some time in December, presumably on the 12th with the update to the "Comrades" expansion, before "Episode Ignis" launches on December 13th.

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Andy Mills
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