Lots of Final Fantasy XV News from the Latest Active Time Report

By Rebecca Smith,
Yesterday, Square Enix held their latest Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV to mark the game's first anniversary. The result is a lot of news and several video messages from key members of the development team.

The first of these messages is from the game's Director Hajime Tabata, who promises more content to come and thanks players for their support so far.

One of the first bits of new content will be December's update, which will be the "culmination of the main game and the season pass". December's update lead Taisuke Ooe promises that players will be able to switch between characters, especially during battle to make use of each of the characters' unique skills.

A date for the above patch was not given, but Version 1.1.0 will be launching for "Comrades" on December 12th, so it would be fair to assume that the above feature will also launch on the same date. Meanwhile, Version 1.1.0 will bring a list of fixes, improvements that have been nicely summarised by Gematsu:


  • Cases where the player’s level does not rise
  • Cases where enemies do not appear in multiplayer quests
  • Other things that prevent progress


  • Shorter loading time between Lestallum and Camp
  • Shorter AI comrades generation time

Additional Content

  • Timed Quests – Quick Matching-exclusive quests. Defeat a lot of enemies within the time limit.
  • Witch’s Shop – Receive the buff effect obtained through a meal in exchange for the Timed Quest reward.
The expansion's lead Kazuya Takahashi also promised updates in 2018, including the ability to play as the main game's four party members — Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto — and "various aspects of gameplay that have not yet been released thus far".

The patch releases the day before "Episode Ignis", the third DLC of the title to focus on one of Noctis' companions. Director Takefumi Terada explains that the DLC will focus on the background behind the Leviathan battle and Ignis' desires. There will also be an alternate ending that will become available after players have made their way through the DLC's story. The ending hinges on a decision by Ignis and the result is an "extremely challenging" boss battle.

Amidst all of the messages from the team was some gameplay footage. Below is the first three minutes of "Episode Ignis", but don't view the video if you want to avoid gameplay spoilers.

There's also an extended interview with Terada and composer Yasunori Mitsuda about the three new songs that were recorded for the DLC's soundtrack. You'll need to turn subtitles on for this one.

Finally, the team has plans for more DLC in 2018. Tabata stated that he would like to see another three "Episode" DLCs during the coming year, one of which will be an episode for Ardyn. There is also a demand for an epsiode for Luna and the team is aware of this.

DLC Screens

"Comrades" Version 1.1.0 will launch on December 12th. "Episode Ignis" will follow a day later on December 13th. We'll be sure to let you know when more details on further content are revealed.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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