Weekend Announcements November 17th-19th: Deiland, Fighting EX Layer and More

By Rebecca Smith,
This week, Sony revealed a number of titles that will be appearing at Playstation Experience from December 9th. This doesn't mean that they're holding back on the announcements as we have eight new titles to show today, four of which are console exclusive to the Playstation systems.


Freshly Squeezed has teamed up with publisher SOEDESCO to bring their "indie adventure racing game" to the Playstation 4. Players assume the role of a broken robot who's fallen out of the back of a giant cargo ship. He lands on Earth, although humanity has long since become extinct. Now the planet is inhabited by robots, but he still doesn't want to stay here. Players must use a combination of flow, speed and gravity to conquer jumps and other obstacles in a race back to the ship before it's too late. The Gravitize engine allows for downhill boosts and quick uphill climbs by manipulating gravity. The title will be available on December 19th.


Successfully funded on Kickstarter in just seven days, Chibig's upcoming relaxing title draws inspiration from Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. The game takes place in a universe where children were sent to Minor Planets to awaken the magic of the Crystals within that planet. Arco is one of those children and he lives on Deiland, the smallest planet of them all. The gameplay mixes together resource management, adventure and RPG. Players can evolve the planet as they wish but every action has a consequence. Different species of trees, plants, crops and flowers can be grown to create a planet unique to the player, who must harness natural events to use them for benefit. The title is currently scheduled to be released on Playstation 4 in June 2018.

Fighting EX Layer

Arika's upcoming "Mysterious Fighting Game" finally has a proper name. The title will be bringing along a Gougi fighting system that allows players to come up with their own ideas and test them out in game. Gougi is the embodiment of a fallen warrior's spirit, composed of Energy, Power, Skill, and Secret Techniques. Powerful souls can use Gougi to develop new powers, but weaker souls are corrupted by it instead. You'll get to try out this system when a two week beta will begin on December 11th. Players will be able to try out six characters during this period: Kairi, Garuda, Skullomania, Darun Mister, Allen Snider and Shirase. The full title does not have a release date for its debut on Playstation 4.


Cococucumber's voxel couch co-op action adventure title has finally been confirmed for Playstation 4. As they explore the land, players battle enemies and unbind them into cubes as they prevent evil from affecting the citizens of Riverbond. The same goes for the destructible environment. There will also be plenty of treasures, weapons and secrets to discover along your journey down the river. The game supports local co-op play for up to four players and is due to be released in 2018.

Russian Subway Dogs

As the title suggests, Spooky Squid Games' upcoming Playstation 4 and Vita title tells the story of stray Russian dogs that travel from the suburbs of Moscow to the downtown area in search of food.The action title is simple to pick up but difficult to master. Players run and jump along the subway platform, scaring commuters so that they drop food and vodka, but beware the latter as it's highly explosive. Vodka isn't the only danger to avoid, though — there are also the rival dogs and "the rare and dangerous Subway Bear". The title will be arriving next year.

Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Anniversary is the third title in Infinite Dreams' aerial shooter series, but it's the only one to have graced Playstation consoles so far. That's set to change with this recreation of the original Sky Force title that released on Symbian and Pocket PC in 2004, later finding its way to mobile platforms. Players must save the world from the evil clutches of General Mantis, but there are hordes of enemies in the way first. The single player campaign will offer ship upgrades and power ups, "gargantuan" bosses and a variety of enemies that include helicopters, fighters, tanks and turrets. Alternatively you can play it safe and rescue civilians. The title comes to Playstation 4 on November 28th.

Super Daryl Deluxe

Dan & Gary Games' upcoming Playstation 4 title is an "RPGvania with a brawler-style combat system and hand-drawn comic aesthetic". The game tells the story of new student Daryl Whitelaw. His new school, Water Falls High School, is a multidimensional place where each classroom is actually an alternate world inspired by the class' subject. If that's not strange enough, the new principal has never been seen before, students are missing and classrooms are being locked down. Daryl finds a self-help book that grants him 45 weird and wonderful powers that can be customised and upgraded as he investigates the current events and their link to a secret occurrence from 40 years ago. You too can "shoot baddies with rubber ducky arrows" when the game is released next spring.

Ultimate ADOM

Ancient Domains of Mystery, otherwise known as ADOM, is Thomas Biskup's roguelike title that was released in 1994. A mere 14 years later, the title will be reborn for Playstation 4 with upgraded graphics, infinitely customizable characters, improved crafting and modding, a more flexible magic system and cross-platform save files. The game's story takes place in the world of Ancardia, a once peaceful world. Now Chaos has arisen. Nobody knows why, but they suspect that Gaethra the Creator has awoken. Adventurers try to hold back the forces of Chaos but it seems futile, especially as there are now limitless variations of Ancardia that co-exist through space and time. The only connection between these worlds is the battle between Order and Chaos. Will you take the plunge when the title arrives in Q4 2018?

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