December Community Challenge - Your Help Is Needed!

By Rich Stone, 11 months ago
We had an amazing response to the last community challenge we ran - The Alphabet Challenge, and the exciting news is that we are planning to run the second community challenge through the month of December.

However, this challenge requires that we have as many games as possible "flagged" on the site.

What are trophy flags on TrueTrophies?

"Flags" are the labels we apply to trophies that give you information about what is required to unlock them:

A trophy with some flagsA trophy with some flags

You can see all the trophy flags we use on this page.

We have a fantastic Game Information team here on TT that set up a whole wealth of information about the games, including the flags. However, the team is small and the list of games we track is vast! So we could use your help to get as many games as we can flagged before the event starts.

How you can help us

You can see what games we still need to flag by clicking on the My Games link under your profile pic menu on the desktop site:


This will bring up your games list. Then, select Unflagged games from the Game type dropdown:


Select a game (middle mouse click so it opens in a new tab if you intend to submit several games). Then on the game page, click the Game action button and select Submit game information:


Finally, click on the Trophy Info tab and select the flags you think should apply to each trophy:

Tick all the flags that applyTick all the flags that apply

You can see the flag definitions on the right of the page to check you are flagging the game correctly.

Please submit the entire game's trophy flags in one go if at all possible. The GI team will check and apply the flags you have submitted and it is a much simpler process if they can copy the entire set of flags in one go.

Thank you for helping!

Thank you for your help with this, it will make a much better contest if we can get as many games as possible flagged in the next couple of weeks!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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