Weekend Announcements Nov 10-12th: MLB The Show 18, Out of Ammo and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Last week was fairly chaotic in terms of new announcements. This week was far quieter and we have just six new titles for your attention today. There's a mix of established franchises, new IPs and Asian games that have been confirmed for western regions, but you'll be missing out if you have anything other than a Playstation 4. Take a look at the list below:

Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion

Released four months ago on Playstation Vita, this companion to Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire will now be making its way to Playstation 4 too. Whereas the other title told the story of Princess Cecille, the reluctant emperor of a dying kingdom trying to quash a coup d’état from Legatus Laendur, Flames of Rebellion tells the story from Laendur's point of view. He wants to seize the throne and take his home back from the Empire. The PS4 version will include enhanced visuals with a 60fps frame rate. Those who already own the Vita version of the title should gain a copy of the PS4 version too, seeing as the title will be cross-buy. It will arrive on December 12th for US$19.99 / €19.99 / £14.99.

MLB The Show 18

It's that time of year again; Sony's annual installment in their baseball franchise will be arriving at the start of next year and they've announced the cover stars: Aaron Judge in the United States and Marcus Stroman in Canada. Details on the title itself were scarce, but we do have a variety of pre-order bonuses. Players who pre-order at virtually any retailer will get 10 additional Standard Packs and 1 Legend card. Players who pre-order at Gamestop will get 15 additional Standard Packs, 1 Legend card and four days early access to the title. Players who pre-order at the Playstation Store get 10 additional Standard Packs, 1 Legend card, 5,000 Stubs, an exclusive Aaron Judge Rookie Flashback Card to be used in MLB The Show 17, and four days early access to the title. As well as the pre-order bonuses, there are three special editions whose details you can check out here. The game enters early access on March 23rd, 2018 and is released to all on March 27th.

Out of Ammo

Not satisfied with developing a hugely successful pinball franchise amongst other things, Zen Studios has moved into publishing and will now be making a concerted effort to bring indie PC titles to consoles. The first game of this initiative is RocketWerkz's VR real-time strategy and first person shooter hybrid. Players take on the roles of a general and grunts in heated battles. The general decides where to place troops and fortifications. The grunts then play out the battles in different positions. Those on the front line wield weapons like machine guns and grenades. Snipers pick off enemies from watchtowers, engineers get shotguns and even medics wield pistols. Don't get too comfortable in one role, though, as the enemy changes strategy in real time. The title is scheduled for Playstation VR in winter 2018. Players who pre-order the title will get a free copy of CastleStorm VR too.

Phobos Vector Prime: The First Ring

Gunstar Studio's "third person space shooter" takes place in the year 2490 where humanity has finally managed to overcome the lack of natural resources and expand beyond the Solar System. However, to increase technological awareness even further, main world powers and big corporations needed to co-operate and this didn't go too well. A war, dubbed The First Ring, ensued and jungle law was imposed. A satellite called Phobos is a strategical vantage point and people are fighting over it. Humanity is in danger and three pilots, Renegade, Bounty Killer and Milician, are tasked with being its saviour. The title is due to come to Playstation 4 in February 2018.

School Girl Zombie Hunter

In Tamsoft's latest title, players assume the role of five students at Kirisaku High School who have to join forces to fend off hordes of zombies. The difference between this and title and any other is that it features "overpowering weaponry and fashionable undergarments", but what else would you expect from something set in the Onechanbara universe. The game is already available in Japan but will be coming west later this week courtesy of Aksys Games. Pick it up on Playstation 4 on November 17th.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia

Natsume's latest title is based on The Seven Deadly Sins manga and anime series and has now been confirmed to be coming to the Americas as well as Asia. The Seven Deadly Sins is a gang of rebels who are being hunted by the Holy Knights, a group of elite guards, because they've been blamed for overthrowing the Kingdom of Liones. However, the Knights are not the only people searching for them. A young girl is also determined to find them and she has "an earnest wish in her head" that's the start of this adventure. Players who pre-order the the title will get a set of formal wear costumes for Meliodas, Ban, King, Hawk, Diane (human-sized), Escanor, Gowther and Merlin. You'll be able to get it for Playstation 4 on February 9th, 2018.

Will you be looking to pick any of these up?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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