Paris Games Week 2017 Announcements Pt 2: Blood & Truth, Ultrawings and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Having just seen seven new titles coming from a range of developers, part two focuses on the remaining nine Playstation VR titles that were announced this week at Paris Games Week. Take a look at the list below and see if anything takes your fancy:

Blood & Truth

The London Heist was one of the more memorable titles in Playstation VR Worlds. Now London Studio is back with a similarly themed VR title. Modern day London is the perfect habitat for the criminal underworld. As Ryan Marks, an elite Special Forces soldier, players need to save his family from the clutches of a criminal overlord. Whereas The London Heist focused on classic gangster films, this title draws more influence from action films with dramatic scenes, big moments and set pieces. This time, players will also have the chance to choose their dialogue as they progress, allowing for a more customised exerience. More information is promised in the coming months.

Bow to Blood

TRIBETOY's "airborne gladiatorial sci-fi" arena fighter puts players in the role of the captain of an airship armed with cannons, unmanned drones and a pistol for close quarters combat. Compete against other challengers in procedurally generated races, battles with assault ships or aerial beasts, and other mind-bending challenges in your bid to become the champion of The Arena fantasy show. Choose to join forces with your rivals or betray them, but you'll need to win over sponsors and fans if you want extra rewards. The title will be arriving next year.


Soulpix's upcoming "story-driven sci-fi VR game" features "action, thrills and mysteries". Players are cast into two different roles, that of a man and his drone, Newton. Neother can remember who they are or why they've crash landed on a strange planet, but they do know that they'll need to combine their skills if they're to survive. They'll face bizarre and frightening creatures, abandoned places, and cryptic puzzles that might give them clues as to what happened on the mysterious planet. You'll try to work out this mystery for yourself next spring.

Megalith VR

Disruptive Games' "action packed hero shooter" turns players into a titan. If that isn't big enough, you'll be competing against other titans using your size and firepower with the ultimate aim being to become a god. However, if you're to survive in the ancient world, you can't just beat up all of your competitiors — sometimes teamwork is the key to success. You'll be able to customise your abilities and control disciples to fight for you. You'll get to try to become the biggest entity in the world next year.

Rec Room

Against Gravity's free-to-play title is a virtual reality social club that's also completely safe for children. Players can choose to just hang out together in The Lounge or they can take part in a variety of multiplayer games, such as Paintball, 3D Charades, Disc Golf and four player co-op adventures to defeat JumboTron and his army of robots. While new activities are added "frequently", players also have the option of designing and sharing their own activities using a variety of creation tools. The hub will be arriving for PSVR in the future.

Smash Hit Plunder

There's good news! Grandma left you a castle in her will. The bad news? She owed a lot of money to a ghostly spirit who's now locked the castle down until you pay him. You'll need to search the castle from top to bottom to try and find as much money as you can, but it's full of ghosts that don't want to be disturbed. Triangular Pixels' title allows up to three players to try to beat the ghosts together, or there are versus multiplayer modes where players battle each other to find the treasure. The title will be coming to Playstation VR in the future.

Snow Fortress

The premise for Mythical City Games' upcoming title is simple. Players must build a snow fort and defend it, all while trying to destroy the snowman's fort at the same time. As well as throwing snowballs, you'll be able to deal more damage by using a slingshot for more powerful shots. You'll also be able to make use of a shield and other tools, such as an army of snowmen, to protect your own fort. As well as a 20 level campaign, players will be able to battle their friends through online multiplayer. There's no firm release window yet for this title.

Sprint Vector

Congratulations! You've been selected to take part in the Sprint Vector Championship Intergalactica! Not that you had much choice in this, mind. Mr. Entertainment, an eccentric robo-personality, spends his entire year travelling across the galaxy to collect skilled competitors for his race courses. The thing is that these cross-dimensional courses are known for being "mentally and physically diabolical" because they're not meant to be a show of sportsmanship, they're there purely for the purposes of the viewers' entertainment. Will you survive Survios' title, let alone be crowned champion?


Release earlier this year on PC, Bit Planet Games' "aerial-themed, open-world game" claims to be the first of its kind, and there's every chance that the claim is true on Playstation 4, at least. Players take control of multiple aircraft so that they can complete a variety of missions throughout the world, such as popping balloons, taking photos, performing spot and emergency landings, and flying through score rings. Completing missions will earn money to allow you to buy new airports and vehicles. Move controllers allow players to literally get hands on with the vehicles' instruments. The title is coming "soon" according to the trailer below.

How about these titles? Will any of them be included in your game collection?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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