TT Podcast Episode 55 - Dark Days Ahead

By Brandon Fusco,
It was a heavy week for video game news, especially this time of year, but the guys do their best to liven things up with some attempts at voice acting. Remember to tell us which character you'd be best at voicing!

Sony is planning to publish games on Switch and PC as well as PS4 under a new label, Unties. From there, it goes downhill fast. EA is closing Visceral, the team currently working on the single-player Star Wars game. Activision has a patent about using matchmaking to pair people together specifically with the goal of encouraging microtransactions. The ESRB doesn't consider loot crates gambling, but OpenCritic thinks we need to start being more transparent about this kind of thing.

That's just the first step in this flow-charting, pie having, gravel eating, Metal Gear-ing Trophy Talk Podcast!

What was the strangest news story this week?
  • Sony publishing games on Switch and PC
  • EA shuttering Visceral
  • Activision's microtransaction patent
  • The ESRB vs. OpenCritic stances on loot crates
  • IGN buying Humble
We've had 11 responses.


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Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
Brandon is an Editor and TGN's Host with the Most. The most what? The most opinions, the most understanding wife, and the most *funny cat videos. Previously Host of the Trophy Talk Podcast. (*Not Verified)
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