Crossout Receives Update 0.8.0 With A Ton of Changes

By Ashley Woodcock, 9 months ago
Free-to-play title Crossout from developer Gaijin Entertainment had a quiet release earlier on this year. If you've been enjoying your time with the vehicular combat title, you'll most likely want to know what's been released in patch 0.8.0.

0.8.0 screen

Included in the latest update is a new faction known as 'Dawn's Children'. The update will also include new types of weapons, modules and hovers that will allow players to send their machines soaring above ground level. New maps have also been added as well as a new mode 'Chase'.

The team are also working on an enhancement to the matchmaking system:

In battles, where players ride vehicles of high PS, all the participants should be matched so, that both teams would be as balanced as possible. Speaking about low PS battles it’s important to mention that some players shouldn’t have any overwhelming advantages over other players due to their weapons or equipment. We’ll announce separately, when the updated matchmaking system will be launched.
Check out this new video showcasing the Dawn's Children in the latest update:

As for all the details, there are an absolute ton of them to read and take in. So much so, it would be best if you looked directly at the source using this link. Screens and videos are also included showcasing some of the additions and changes.

The patch for Crossout is available right now.

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Written by Ashley Woodcock
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