Have A Listen To The Music From A Hat In Time

By Andy Mills, 9 months ago
The N64 and Gamecube-inspired 3D platformer A Hat in Time released on PC this past week but unfortunately, we have to wait a while longer for its release on consoles. While we wait, however, we can at least have a listen to the game's music.

A Hat In Time

We'll start in the place that it makes the most sense to start: the game's main theme.

Most of the game's soundtrack was created by Pascal Michael Stiefel, including this boss theme called "Your Contract Has Expired".

While most of the five-hour-long soundtrack was created by Stiefel, there is at least one track by Grant Kirkhope in there, fitting for a game inspired by the likes of. You can have a listen to those full five hours below.

A Hat In Time is scheduled to make its way to console some point this fall.

We've got the full list of A Hat in Time trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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