Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Multiplayer Mode Out Tomorrow, Free Play Weekend Coming

By Kevin Tavore, 9 months ago
Ubisoft has been hard at work adding new content to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands and the most anticipated addition is finally due out to tomorrow. The 4v4 multiplayer mode should be exactly what fans are looking for. You can read all about it below. Ubisoft promises new classes and maps will be arriving in the future as well.

Ghost War is a 4-versus-4 team deathmatch experience that builds on the tactical squad play from the main game, where strategy is equally as important as skill. Using one of the 12 distinct classes, each with their own varied characteristics, weapons, perks and customisation options, players will engage with enemies across eight unique maps. Ghost War also integrates new PvP mechanics, including suppressing fire and sound markers, to create a strategic and intense team-based multiplayer mode.
Narco Road screens

A trailer for the new mode has also been released:

To commemorate the event, Ghost Recon Wildlands will be free to play for all beginning October 12th to 15th. All of the main game’s content, as well as the new mode, will be available. All versions of the game will also be on sale for 50% off.

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