Destiny 2's First Iron Banner Is About To Go Live, Prestige Raid Delayed

By SpindlierPoet, 9 months ago
A month after being launched on consoles, and with two weeks to go until the PC version is launching, Bungie has released new details on the upcoming Iron banana Banner event, with some differences from its predecessor.


In Destiny 2, the Iron Banner event will consist of 4-on-4 teams (instead of Destiny's 6-on-6) and instead of bounty and ranking system, Destiny 2 will count with an Iron Banner Engram for competing. Iron Banner Tokens will be earned every match with which players will be able to claim new armour.

The bad news is that the Prestige mode of the Leviathan raid was supposed to launch with the first Iron Banner event, and it was postponed by one week due to an exploit found on the Raid that would make the raid way easier to clear.


The Prestige mode for the Leviathan raid will be launching October 18th and 300 light level is recommended to clear it. The first Iron Banner event is launching later today

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