A Hole New World Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the trophy list for A Hole New World, which is developed by Mad Gear Games and published by Dolores Entertainment.

You can find guides to unlocking these trophies as soon as we have them on the A Hole New World Trophies page.
A Hole New World

There are 38 trophies, none of which are secret:

Name Description
THE POTION MASTER Unlock all trophies
A HOLE New World Fall to Reversee
Hey! Listen! Get Fäy
Thunder! Get Thunder Potion
Ice! Fire! Get Ice Fire Potion
Blood! Get Blood Potion
Tower of Hell CLEARED! Get to the last checkpoint in Stage 5
It sure feels good Defeat Prius
Darkness! Get Darkness Gemstone
All stage 1 NPCs found! Find all stage 1 NPCs
All stage 2 NPCs found! Find all stage 2 NPCs
All stage 3 NPCs found! Find all stage 3 NPCs
All stage 4 NPCs found! Find all stage 4 NPCs
All stage 5 NPCs found! Find all stage 5 NPCs
SCORE EXTRA LIFE! Earn an extra life achieving a score of 10,000
You are a good guy Don't kill any monsters of any stage
Anybody else around? Kill all monsters of any stage
PRIUS PERFECT! Defeat Prius and sustain no damage
ARCADIO PERFECT! Defeat Arcadio and sustain no damage
FIRHAZ PERFECT! Defeat Firhaz and sustain no damage
DOOR GUARDIANS PERFECT! Defeat the door guardians and sustain no damage
DH'RAZA PERFECT! Defeat Dh'raza and sustain no damage
REAL PRIUS PERFECT! Defeat Prius in Stage 5 and sustain no damage
LORD BADUK PERFECT! Defeat Lord Baduk and sustain no damage
SUPER BADUK PERFECT! Defeat Super Baduk and sustain no damage
Wait, what? O_O Defeat Lord Baduk in Stage 1
YOU ARE THE BOSS Complete Boss Rush Mode
YOU ARE THE BEST Complete Challenge Mode
Are you happy to see me? Find the secret banana
Nice gift, thanks! Get alchemist's heart
ETERNAL LIFE Get eternal life
Faster than light! Complete the game in under 35 minutes
FIN+ Complete Story Mode +
FIN? Complete Story Mode
FIN! Complete Story Mode with no continues
MASTER COLLECTOR Complete the game finding all secret characters, secret items and gems
A-Team Member Complete the game killing no enemies at all
You Talking To Me? Complete the game and kill all the enemies
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