Time Recoil Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 8 months ago
We have just picked up the trophy list for Time Recoil, which is developed by 10tons.

You can find guides to unlocking these trophies as soon as we have them on the Time Recoil Trophies page.
Time Recoil screen 1

There are 16 trophies, none of which are secret:

Name Description
Timeghoul Get all the trophies!
2 Star Par time Get a two star time from all levels in Time Attack
Faster than a bullet Get a three star time from all levels in Time Attack
Hardcore Complete all levels on Hardcore difficulty
Murderous Complete all levels on Murderous difficulty
Psychic Use Psy-Blast
Mr. Freeze, Time Activate Time Freeze
Dasher Kill four enemies with a single Dash
Dasher-Blaster Kill five enemies with a single Dash-Blast
Psyche Kill six enemies with a single Psy-Blast
Whole Worm Kill four enemies with a single Wormhole
Beat That Kill everyone in a level with melee
Shotgunner Kill three enemies with a single shotgun blast
Friendly Fire 50 enemies dead by friendly fire
Six-Pack Chain six Dashes
Blast Blast Blast... Blast Do four Dash-Blasts in a single level
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Written by Rich Stone
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