Meet Dragon's Dogma: DA's Strider and Mage Classes

By Kevin Tavore, 8 months ago
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is an upcoming port from the Playstation 3. When the game originally released years ago, it was praised for its ability to create a compelling RPG world with deep combat. You can think of it like a combination of Witcher 3 and Dungeons & Dragons with some Japanese gameplay tropes thrown in.

DD: DA New Screens

Last week, we heard all about the changes in visuals between the two games. This week, we're learning more about the game's classes so those of you who haven't played the original title can get caught up on all the details. We've got videos for the Strider class and the Mage class. You can learn all about them below:

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen will release on October 3rd for Playstation 4.
Kevin Tavore
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